In the event of death, what happens to all the gold that has been pharmacist on World of Warcraft? And with the turkeys that have been bought in Fortnite Battle Royale? The hundreds of euros that we have spent on skins for weapons of the Valuing?

Tencent, the tech giant that owns Riot Games and the majority of Supercell’s shares, among others, have been thinking about it for a while. In 2019 they registered a patent that, in short, explains a system of digital inheritances. On July 6, as shown by a screenshot shared on Twitter (goes Kotaku) by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad | from Niko Partners, it was granted patent to the Chinese company.

“Tencent has obtained a patent this month, originally registered in 2019, which has to do with the inheritance of digital objects and assets after a person passes away, “explains Ahmad.” Although not completely related to video games, awakened discussions online about the accounts [de usuario] of games and the inheritance of virtual objects “.

The patent, Ahmad notes, is similar to a functionality that Apple introduces with iOS 15 later this year on their iPhones, iPads, and Macs: the Digital Legacy Program. This “allows you to designate whoever you want as your Legacy Contact to access your account and your personal information in case you die.” The difference is that Tencent “allows the direct transfer of items if it is reflected in the will.”

Tencent has not yet published any document in Spanish or English describing the patented system in detail, nor is it known When can you start using it?. “As we move to a more digital world,” Ahmad reflects, “the idea of ​​virtual asset inheritance is increasingly important among elderly Internet users who have online or gaming accounts with lots of digital items. “

The company owns the creators of LoL and has shares in Fortnite

The Asian company, in addition to managing the equivalents of WhatsApp, Steam and YouTube in China, has influence on many large video game studios: owns Riot Games, Funcom and Leyou, among others; holds the majority of Supercell shares (Clash Royale) y Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve); and owns shares in greater or lesser amount in numerous companies such as Epic Games (Fortnite), Dontnod (Life is Strange), Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and Bluehole (PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds).

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