Bungie is preparing the ground to officially launch the cross game on Destiny 2, but there are still some adjustments to be made before that possibility settles into the multiplayer. Although it was activated by mistake a couple of weeks ago, the company quickly deactivated it so that it could be implemented in phases, as planned: the first is a open beta now available for all players.

The beta of the multiplatform game of Destiny 2 It started this morning and will run until May 27, a “short, but intense event” with which the company intends to evaluate the possibilities of this interesting function. For the time being, this short trial period is limited to a special Vanguard assault playlist, so you will not be able to form a squad or send invitations to friends yet.

Exclusive badge gift for participating in the beta

To encourage participation in this open beta and to reward players who try this new option, the company has announced that all players who complete three rounds in the beta of the Cross-Platform Cross-Play Vanguard Assault Playlist will earn “From star to star”, a special emblem exclusive to this beta. It is the emblem that you can see in the tweet inserted below these lines.

Those who participate in this activity with matchmaking can meet players from PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia regardless of the platform they are playing on: “While you are fighting waves of Darkness from the enemy, our teams will collect data and perform numerous tests related to the integrity of our future multiplatform gaming system, “says Bungie in an article in Spanish posted on its official blog.

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