When Destiny 2: Beyond the Light premiered last November arrived accompanied by a new power, stasis. Not only was it the first time since 2014 that they added a elemental damage beyond the usual Solar, Arco and Vaco, but offered for a indicated personalization system, allowing each player to tweak the active skills and passive stats of the subclass with skins and fragments. In the future, a similar modification system could reach the subclasses that are available since the first Destiny.

“Year 4 is centered on a story about Darkness, and what it means that Darkness is in the hands of the Guardians; so the evolution and discovery of Stasis is the obvious focus,” he tells us. Justin Truman, CEO of Destiny 2, in an email interview. “In the future we could tell similar stories about [las subclases] Solar, Arco o Vaco, but we don’t have any specific plans to share right now. “

Destiny 2

The balance between the new and the old

At the same time that the latest expansion was put into action the ACD or content store Destiny. Basically, several destinations disappeared (Mercury, Mars, Titan, or, La Villa and Leviatn), along with almost a dozen activities, raids, campaigns and stories from the seasons of Year 2, among other things.

The goal is to make the game lighter so that updates and fixes can be applied faster, but also offer a rotation of content over the years. As we have seen over the last few months, that rotation does not only include things of Destiny 2, otherwise first reviews Destiny.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Bungie tries to balance old and new: “We consider available everything that has been created within the universe Destiny. The creation of the Content Store Destiny allows us to build a catalog of the ‘greatest successes’ of Destiny We can choose from and add to live play when appropriate, “Truman explains.

“This year we have the Demon Den raids and KNOW Fallen, plus the Chamber of Glass raid that will arrive next season. […]. For each new season and expansion, we weigh the ideal mix of familiarity and novelty to help us tell the story we are trying to tell. “

Destiny 2

For future seasons, the opinion of the players will be taken into account: “We will continue testing different combinations of nostalgic and new content, and as always, we will listen closely to our community to understand what is accepted and what is not. ”In fact, thanks to the opinion of the Guardians, they have recently removed infusion limit, which aims to force the weapons used to rotate, blocking the maximum power they could reach.

Hundreds of people work directly in Destiny

“Since we became independent [en enero de 2019] we have only increased our focus; we know exactly what stories we want to tell over the next handful of years and the great team that we have is working at full speed so that those experiences come to life, “Truman responds when asking about the differences between working as an independent study versus being under the Activision umbrella alongside High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions, who they say it was a “real pleasure” to work with.

“We have hundreds of people working in Destiny and we’ve brought in a ton of new talent over the last year as we’ve started working remotely from our homes, “he adds. Recently Bungie announced a expansion in your team throughout this year with intentions to carry Destiny beyond the video game, opening a studio in Europe and confirming a new intellectual property by 2025.

Destiny 2 is available in PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y Google Stadia. The next expansion, The witch queen, will be released in early 2022 after a recent delay. This expansion will be the second part of the Triloga of Darkness, which started with Beyond the light last year and conclude with Eclipse.

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