Multiplayer games are becoming more and more popular with millions of fans around the world who enjoy their games of Call of Duty, NBA 2K21, PES, FIFA, Fortnite or any other title that comes to mind.

The problem with these video games is that sometimes suffer a plague of “chetos”, cheaters that sneak in to take advantage of certain bugs, errors or external programs and that seriously damage the experience of the rest of the players.

To prevent their proliferation there are numerous anti-cheat solutions among which is Denuvo Anti-Cheat, a protection system as just announced Denuvo become part of the development tools of PS5 being able to be present in some video games of the new Sony console.

Today, as a member of the gaming ecosystem, Denuvo continues its mission of bringing fairness and fun to video games by providing its Anti-Cheat solution to all developers who want to protect their games from hackers and cheats on PlayStation 5.“announces the company.

This anti-trap system released to PC developers in March 2019 and prevents cheaters from manipulating or extracting data from game code to cheat. To protect them, Denuvo Anti-Cheat uses the latest security features from Intel and AMD combined with Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to analyze game metrics and detect cheats, all without impact on performance since this system it is not intrusive with video games.

No, it is not the same system as anti-piracy technology

It is important to underline that Denuvo Anti-Cheat is a different technology to Denuvo Anti-Tamper Tech, the anti-piracy system of the same brand that is present in a good handful of PC video games and that is at the center of the criticism of many players since if it is poorly integrated into the titles it protects it can cause performance problems.

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