Demon’s Souls Remake, the new version of the FromSoftware classic developed by Bluepoint Games, is one of the most attractive and acclaimed PS5 exclusive titles by the community. The title is famous for its extreme difficulty and for the challenge posed by its imposing final bosses, something that is quite common among Sony console titles. The YouTube channel Noclip – Video Game Documentaries, dedicated to making documentaries about video games, has recently uploaded a new documentary on the realization and various aspects of the development from Demon’s Souls Remake.

Members of Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games appear

The documentary, which has been presented as if it were a making off, receives the name of Demon’s Souls: Remaking a PlayStation Classic and have one total duration of just over an hour. The video focuses on the creation of the game and it includes all kinds of creatives from Japan Studio, which recently closed its doors, and Bluepoint Games, which could be acquired by Sony in the future. The documentary is entirely in English, delves into Bluepoint Games’ own studio and is asked about how a remake of a timeless classic as it is Demon’s Souls.

The development process of Demon’s Souls Remake It was long and laborious, so the creatives themselves after the applause remake have gone into detail about very minute details such as the camera, the physics system or the sound. It also delves into the slight changes that it has at the design level with respect to the original, something that will be of interest to those who played the PS3 classic and its most recent version. Demon’s Souls Remake It is a title entirely exclusive to PS5, although it could reach PS4.

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