Death’s Door prepares us to go out to collect souls. This action adventure, with very narrative segments, places us from an isometric view as we accompany a raven in their routine work with the spirits of the dead. Developed by Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital, to be available in Spain and worldwide this very July 20th on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. To whet your appetite, we have had the opportunity to take a look at its gameplay:

Death’s Door, an adventure that takes us to the beyond

Death’s Door invites players to immerse themselves in a colorful, quirky and bizarre world in which the crows are in charge of collecting the souls of the dead. The same users will adopt the role of one of these Ravens, who feels trapped in the monotony of their daily routine … However, everything will change when one of the souls he has collected is stolen. That will push our protagonist to live a great adventure full of enemies, puzzles and huge bosses.

While during our Raven’s odyssey the settings and characters will be injected with colorThis is not the case with the more narrative parts of the game: the atmosphere will be painted black and white, in an attempt to reflect the oppressive environment of bureaucracy. The game takes place, in turn, in an interconnected world that makes us think about The Legend of Zelda O Dark Souls; while the combat system leans more towards what is seen in Hyper Light Drifter.

The routine of a Raven is disturbed by a thief of souls

Harvest souls from the dead and signing may be monotonous, but it is an honest job for a crow, “says the Death’s Door. “Work comes to life when your assigned soul is stolen and you must track down a desperate thief to a realm untouched by death; where the creatures grow far beyond their demise and brim with greed and power. Hunt down and defeat colossal tyrants with their own stories and motivations. Experience a shadowy but darkly comic story, discovering the truths behind the flow of souls, the role of the Ravens and the origin of the Gates. “

At Vandal we had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Death’s Door, who summarized the project as follows: “We could say that the people who enjoyed Titan Souls I probably enjoy this game, but we also say that this game is probably better than Titan Souls“. You can know more details in our impressions. We remind you that it will be available on July 20 on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

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