Deathloop, the new game from Arkane Games, and Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new title of Tango Gameworks, represent a rara reviews in the video game industry. Both are titles edited by Bethesda, now owned by Microsoft. And yet both are exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PC by agreements that were signed prior to the inclusion of Bethesda studios in Xbox Game Studios; contracts that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said they were going to respect each other.

The exclusivity of the agreement, at least in the case of Deathloop, seems to be from exactly one ao. On the night of July 8, a State of Play was broadcast, the digital event where Sony presents the next news for its consoles, and the main protagonist was Arkane’s game. The gameplay of more than 10 minutes concludes with a curtain warning of the exclusivity on PS5 and where it could be read: “Also available on PC. Not available on other consoles until at least September 14, 2022That is to say, just one year after its release on PS5 and computer.

Since Microsoft announced the purchase of Bethesda and the associated studios, there has been a long and long debate about the case of the two games mentioned. Will they be permanently exclusive to PS5? At least in the case of Arkane’s game, the exclusivity will be annual, so from that moment on we will be able to see it, if the studio and Xbox Game Studios want it, also on Xbox Series X / S.

Getting to Xbox Game Pass on PC?

Still, another question opens. The game will also be released on PC, of ​​course, and Microsoft has said that all the titles developed by the teams of Xbox Game Studios will be on Xbox Game Pass from launch day. Does that mean that the title will get to the desktop version of the subscription service? It is not known, but it is remarkable that the game has tab on Steam and in the Bethesda app, but not in the Microsoft Store, the platform to which the PC Game Pass is linked.

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