When in summer of last year Death Stranding came to PC it did so accompanied by several unique features of this version, among which was a spectacular Photo mode allowing you to capture the breathtaking landscapes of the Kojima Productions game. Taking advantage of this functionality, distributor 505 Games challenged the Steam community to send them their best photograph in the game world, although at the time of launching that challenge they did not warn that the very Yoji Shinkawa, art director of the project, was going to choose his favorite snapshots of all those who arrived.

Shinwaka has chosen a dozen photos taken by the Death Stranding community, although it must be recognized that he has had work because Steam players have shared around 1500 images of Photo Mode Kojima’s game: “Let us thank you! You have flooded the Steam community portal with impressive images and we hope you continue to share them,” they say from 505 Games in an update on the Steam game page.

One of the best photos of the Death Stranding community on PC.

Taking advantage of the impressive scenes of Death Stranding

In that same article we can see each and every one of the ten captures that Yoji Shinkawa has chosen from among the 1500 photos taken by the community. The art director accompanies each of them with a brief comment: “This is impressive, I would like to print it and hang it in the studio”He says of the first, available on these lines, in which we can see a landscape of the game. “You can feel Sam’s loneliness in this photo”, comments on the image that illustrates this news and in which the protagonist can be seen alone, on stage, hugging BB.

You can see all images selected by Shinkawa in the gallery that accompanies this news, although we warn you that if you have not finished Death Stranding they may contain some other live spoiler.

Let me give it Death Stranding for PC has been praised for its technical advantage. In their impressions on this platform we said that “the title will not disappoint PC players, finding a well optimized title, with multiple configuration options and that it is a real visual spectacle at 60 or more fps, allowing us to enjoy a much smoother and visually stunning gaming experience. “

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