Till the date, no console games offer support for ultra-wide resolutions, that is, 2560×1080 or 3440×1440, a very common format on PC monitors, but not so much on televisions, so it makes a lot of sense that this is the case.

The ultra-wide format comes to consoles with Death Stranding

However, this looks set to change shortly with Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5, since Jay Boor from Kojima Productions has assured in an article on the PlayStation Blog that it will be compatible with ultra-wide resolutions, which will make Hideo Kojima’s game the first title for consoles capable of offering this type of format.

Being more specific, Boor has commented that we can “choose between two different video modes: Performance mode with 4K rescaled and 60 fps or Fidelity mode with native 4K. Both modes will be compatible with ultra-wide format and HDR“What Boor has not explained is how they have managed to do this, since PS5 does not currently support ultra-wide resolutions, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out.

The new version of Kojima’s latest game

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will launch the September 24 exclusively for PlayStation 5 and we offer a complete remastering of this game originally released on PS4 and later on PC. If we already have the game on PS4, we can update it to PS5 by paying about 10 euros and offer us the possibility of importing our game.

Beyond the obvious and logical graphical enhancements, this new version will also add a multitude of new content, including more story-related missions, more areas to explore, new bosses to face, and even a completely revamped combat system. Of course, it will also make use of the unique features of the DualSense and the console’s 3D audio technology.

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