Publisher PlayStation Studios and developer Kojima Productions have revealed the release date for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut: Arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5 on 24th September 2021. The announcement has been made with a new trailer that they have presented in the State of Play issued this July 8, where they qualify the project of “remasterizacin”. They have not specified if there will be a free update for those who have the game on PS4 or what the price will be.

In addition to improved graphics, this Director’s Cut introduces several new features. The new ones stand out story missions, although its quantity has not been detailed. Also added new battles with final bosses. And, although it has not been explained how it connects with the plot or the rest of the game mechanics, they have been introduced car racing at the Fragile circuit, which can be modified with different paths.

New cast mechanics and combat improvements

This PS5 edition adds new items and constructs useful for shipping: a catapult to launch packages, a new type of exoskeleton, a robot accompanying Sam carrying part of the cargo (and even Sam himself) and a ramp that allows to overcome cliffs when mounted on vehicles.

Combat, one of the most criticized aspects of the game released in late 2019, has been improved. On the one hand, the combat Melee add new moves, which will at least make it more varied. On the other hand, there are two new weapons: a pistol that shocks opponents and a turret. Both can be tested in the new training ground.

Death Stranding is the latest production by Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid. This is an original adventure for PS4 where the main character, Sam Porter Bridges, must travel across the United States to connect to an isolated society underground. Thus, the main mechanic is to walk, save obstacles, help others (also other players in an asymmetric multiplayer) and maintain balance with the packages that we carry on our back. The title was also published in PC in 2019.

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