In recent weeks numerous sources have spoken of a new Dead Space, the return of the action horror saga created by Visceral Games. Jeff Grubb has offered some more details and reiterates what Gematsu had previously advanced: it is an EA Motive project and it will not be totally original, but kind of a remake or full reboot -not a remastering- with updated graphics and some modern mechanics that are inspired by the sequels of Dead Space.

Apparently the push Electronic Arts has needed to resume the saga is Capcom’s success with Resident Evil 2 Remake -then it was launched Resident Evil 3 Remake and the leaks speak of a remake of Resident Evil 4-. “Speaking of Capcom, this is the main reason a new Dead Space. While EA has let his horror saga fade, Resident Evil it’s bigger than ever. And Capcom has come up with a simple plan that EA can follow “to reinvigorate its series.

Electronic Arts would also be considering giving more adventures opportunities for a player after his unexpected success with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. “The publisher made statements in the past about shifting its focus to games as a service and it was because of its decision to invest less in these experiences after the poor results of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst“says Grubb. A year later he launched Star Wars: Battlefront II and it was an even bigger disaster to launch – because of its controversy with the loot boxes – but DICE managed to turn it into a success over time thanks to it being a game as a service. This convinced EA to move away from games with the classic model, at least until it appeared Fallen Order.

“EA is still pursuing success in services, but now it is also looking at the single-player sagas as Dead Space, Dragon Age Y Mass Effect to diversify its business model, “says the article. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order It exceeded 10 million unique players and has been played by more than 20 million people across all consoles, platforms, and subscriptions.

Dead Space debut en 2008

The triloga Dead Space was one of EA’s highest rated sagas during its generation along with Mass Effect. The original debut in 2008 and was applauded for its space terror. Dead Space 3 was released in 2013 but by then its popularity had waned and Visceral Games turned to other licenses, such as Battlefield Hardline or a canceled project of Star Wars; the team was closed in 2017.

Dead Space reboot will inspire

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