The cosplay have become a very popular way for users to get under the skin of their favorite characters from the world of video games and other art forms. We can find from cosplay less elaborate, even others that faithfully recreate the original character from which they are inspired. The latter has been the case of the Reddit user SunlightofAstora, which has received crowds of compliments for his awesome spacesuit inspired by the character of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, the saga of oppressive horror in space.

The Reddit user comments that he has been working for two years to make the entire suit

SunlightofAstora, also nicknamed as Johnny Goodwill, has published a series of photographs and videos of himself posing in the suit. The cosplay It has all the details and even has energy gauges and a health control bar found in the back, specifically in the spine, as in video games. The user’s post has received all kinds of comments applauding the great work of recreation and attention to detail. The interactions that the publication has received have been such that until Ian Milham, art director at Dead Space, has shared his impressions: “This cosplay from Isaac Clarke It’s the best I’ve seen so far, “he said.

The user of Reddit has reported that he has spent two years working on perfecting, as he defines it, this dream project. The suit has been constructed by materials such as leather or foam and it is mentioned that the process to create it has been laborious and that it has taken time, a lot of patience and dedication. Through the Kotaku medium, the user has given a short interview in which he has provided more details: “Honestly, I think it’s incredible that everyone is so kind and understanding, it means a lot to me. Being able to share my art is what I love to do and for the result of this project to be overwhelmingly positive, I can hardly express the joy I have in words. “He commented.” I love that there are still so many fans of Dead Space like me he is a masterpiece in his field. I am happy that my art is appreciated by so many“.

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