Days Gone has been swarming the headlines lately, especially after it was indicated that there won’t be a second part. After John Garvin, creative director and scriptwriter of the game, will complain about the players who did not acquire the title at full price … the voice actor arrives Sam widower in order to charge against journalists who did not finish the game to analyze it. Witwer, who voiced protagonist Deacon St. John, argues that some of the negative reviews he received Days Gone it is because the trade press did not experience the game “properly”.

Days Gone, the press and its negative reception

During a recent Q&A session Reddit, the voice actor of Days Gone Sam widower blamed the game’s negative reception on those journalists who did not finish the title. Consider that this fact did a disservice to the game of Bend Studio, given that the analysis reflected a product that did not fully match reality, according to the actor. After all, he indicates, the best moments in the story and the gameplay don’t come until hours later and they were not reflected in the reviews of some media. This is the explanation that Witwer has offered:

“You are asking me about the world of reviews. That does not cover the entire general public,” he began by indicating. “Read a website review / publication to remain anonymous. In him, Horde mechanics, the centerpiece of the game that makes the show stop, is not even mentioned once. Not a single go. There were other indications, but that made it pretty clear that this critic played the game for a few hours and then wrote his review. I did not complete it“.

The world of video game analysis and the slow development of the Days Gone story are not compatible, according to Witwer.

In this sense, Witwer considers that a game like Days Gone, which gets off to a slow start until players get to the “nitty gritty” of the matter, is the type of project that should not lend itself to reviews. “Days Gone was always meant to be a game and a slow burning story“He points out.” For better or for worse, it was designed for you to take your time. The best beats ever and the best gameplay take place much later in the game, and it is clear that the nature of the reviews and this philosophy of slow game development are not compatible. “

In this way, I would add the following: “These journalists are rushing, they are NOT taking their time, they are NOT playing the game in the game’s terms., because it is your job to publish an article by a deadline. I think it’s not only a shame, but also misleads real audience members who would like to read a real review of what we did. “

He claims to have read a review where the hordes are not even mentioned

The launch of Days Gone it was not exactly the most suitable. As John Garvin recalled a few weeks ago, although God of War enjoyed “millions of sales during its debut” … the case of Days Gone it was very different. In the meantime, fans have organized to ask Sony to give the green light to the second part of the game: more than 100,000 signatures have already been collected on the platform, and the director himself Jeff Ross encourages players to show their support.

Days Gone 2: What could have been

Yes OK Ross abandon Bend Studio junto con Garvin In December of last year, he hasn’t stopped talking about the sequel since journalist Jason Schreier alluded to the cancellation of this game in a report published earlier this year. Ross states that Days Gone 2 it would have had co-op and was aiming to be a much more ambitious delivery. At the moment, the original title is available both on PS4 and PS5, while computers arrived on May 18.

An entertaining open world adventure with an attractive setting, some interesting ideas and an elaborate narrative, that sins of excess of ambition and of committing the classic failures of the genre “, we wrote in our analysis.

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