David “Zoid” Kirsch has been one of the engineers of software most important of Blizzard. However, Zoid’s resume extends to other big-name companies, as she worked for Valve on Dota 2 and in the trilogue Metroid Prime with the team of Retro studios. The developer announced yesterday through his personal account that today would be his last day at Blizzard and that planned to retire from the industry after more than three decades full-time.

Zoid has recalled several anecdotes about his career

“After thirty-two years of making games, I am retiring from the video game industry and from Blizzard. Tomorrow is my last day. I hope to retire and be able to dedicate time to myself and my family“, said the developer. In addition to this farewell, Zoid has taken the opportunity to highlight some of his most important achievements throughout his career. One of them is directly related to himself Shigeru Miyamoto, considered to be Nintendo’s brightest creative mind. “While we were at Retro Studios working on Metroid Prime, we had a video conference with the Nintendo design, including Miyamoto. We were going through one of my mini boss designs and Miyamoto had some questions for me and he called me Zoid-o-san, which I thought was unbelievable.“, has recounted with nostalgia Zoid.

Zoid says he got to work on id Software to help in QuakeWorld and that John Carmack was his boss. He has also explained that joined Valve in 2008 and that on his first day of work he was given the opportunity to try Left 4 Dead, an experience that surprised him by how advanced the video game was at the time. The developer concluded his anecdote thread by saying that “it’s been over three incredible decades creating games” So what “I’ve loved every minute and I’m eager to get away, at least for now“.

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