Dark Souls III is one of those games that, just by saying its name, the controls start to shake. We are talking about the challenging sequel devised by FromSoftware, which continues and closes this saga of adventure and action tinged with dark fantasy, medieval pike … and death. Many deaths. In Vandal today we want to put the magnifying glass on the easter eggs and secrets that this title hides. The game where we touch things … that we should not touch. These are its 30 mind-blowing details:

Dark Souls III and its 30 mind-blowing details

The first detail that we highlight is that oceiros, one of the bosses we have to face in Dark Souls III, was going to fight with a baby in her arms. In fact, the newborn has his own model and his cry was to be heard throughout the fight. The creature will end up slamming the little one to the ground. On the other hand, next to the bonfire of the desecrated capital, we find the corpse of the maestro Gilligan from Dark Souls 2.

If we dive into Irithyll’s Mansin, we will find a painting by Nashandra and another by Gwynevere, characters we face in the saga. Another curious detail is that, if we do all the gestures that we are learning before the Guardian of the fire of the Sanctuary, this character will react in different ways depending on the gesture that we execute. In addition, from the beginning of the game we can discover all areas that we will have to visit throughout our adventure: the Catacombs of Carthus, Irithyll, Anor Londo, Peak of the Archdragon or the Settlement of the Undead are some of the areas that can be seen.

The ghosts of Vordt and the Spectral Dancer roam Irithyll

If we do not speak with the servant of our sanctuary and speak with the servant of the other, in Forgotten Tombs, when we return and speak for the first time with the first servant … she will recognize us slightly. Giving us to understand that this other sanctuary belongs to a past moment. In turn, if we look at the ghosts that haunt Irithyll, there are two that always walk together: they are about Vordt of the Boreal Valley and the Spectral Dancer before being turned into beasts.

These are some of the details that permeate this installment of Dark Souls, but you can find many more in our video. We also invite you to visit our YouTube channel to find more videos dedicated to other titles such as Spider-Man, God of War, Resident Evil O Grand Theft Auto.

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