CD Projekt RED has provided details of the next major update of Cyberpunk 2077. Patch 1.2 was delayed in February to the second half of March following the ransomware attack, and the developer confirms that it will make changes to some of the most criticized and visible aspects of the experience, such as police behavior and driving. With the update, the police will instantly stop appearing behind our character After committing a crime, an annoying and unrealistic trait: “This is an important step in solving the behavior of the police in our game,” admits the study. “It should reduce the problem of NPCs spawning behind players and thus give an impression that it takes the police a while to get to the crime scene after being informed.” A reconnaissance drone has also been added to make it appear that the police are assessing the situation.

The developer is analyzing the driving model and the comments of the players regarding the speed of the turns, something criticized especially among PC users who use keyboard or on platforms with very low image rates. To alleviate this problem, an option has been added that adjusts the steering wheel sensitivity on all vehicles. “When they are experienced framerates low, our cars are more difficult to control, “according to CD Projekt.” The turning speed is now very consistent between 20 and more than 60 fps. Finally, we looked at a few individual cars and tweaked some that were too shaky at low fps, including the Archer Hella. “

Move your vehicle after losing control

Another problem with vehicles is that a mistake can cause them to get stuck in the decoration of Night City. For these cases a function is added that now helps to propel the vehicle a little or make it turn, and as you can see from the demo, this will help lift the car out of locks when the wheels lose contact with the surface.

The patch has no release date yet, but it is expected to be soon. The 1.1 update has fixed some of the more serious performance and stability issues, but there are still more patches left to deliver the experience CD Projekt RED is looking for. When most of the problems are corrected, the study will be able to focus on the native versions for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 – these consoles currently run the game in backward compatibility mode.

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