Cuphead turned out to be one of the most striking video games during its premiere in 2017. The video game tries to replicate the animation cinema of the 30s in its artistic section and it turns out to be very challenging in its platforming phases and especially in its final bosses. Cuphead It is considered a timeless classic for the quality and charisma that it exudes. If you have completed the title or if you are curious about all the secrets, mysteries and guides it hides, from Vandal we have prepared a new installment of the video series of “30 mind-blowing details”. We tell you all about the Studio MDHR game with a touch of easygoing and fun humor.

Cuphead and some of his curiosities

Cuphead It is a video game that takes care of the details down to the millimeter; this can be seen perfectly in how well recreated their stage backgrounds are. For example, pyramids that appear in the background during combat against an enemy they advance a scenario that we can visit later. How could it be otherwise, Cuphead is jam-packed with classic movie references like What deceives Roger Rabbit? and even classic fighting video games like Street Fighter 2. As you can see, most of the curiosities are related to direct references to other works that have inspired the picturesque universe of Cuphead.

Cuphead It is considered one of the most complicated titles that have come out in recent times. His apparently innocent appearance is deceiving, since his confrontations against final bosses and some phases in particular they manage to despair even the most experienced and old school players. That is why from Vnadal we also have our official guide on the title, which will help you enormously complete the title 100% and discover all the secrets it hides.

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