Crytek had hinted on social media that it would soon be announced Crysis 2 Remastered, and as an advance it has presented an image where we can see what will be your first capture. After the launch last year of Crysis Remastered, which updated the original to modern platforms -PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch- with certain graphic improvements in resolution, textures and lighting, the developer intends to remaster the trilogy in a phased manner. An official presentation is expected in the next few weeks., as part of the announcements for E3 2021 or Summer Game Fest 2021.

Crysis 2 debuted in 2011 and this time debuted simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, becoming the first project running CryEngine 3 on consoles. It was once again offering first-person action, customizable weapons, and superhuman abilities, but this time with a Marine named Alcatraz. Crytek avoided repeating the jungle environments that it had already used in the first Far Cry and in Crysis, the ones that opted for New York, an “urban jungle” where we can plan our attacks, explore buildings and a city environment in chaos.

A more linear sequel

Reactions to Crysis 2 they were mostly positive, and even some fans consider him the best of the trilogy, but it is also true that he lost the surprise factor of his graphics and his critics mentioned the greater linearity of its gameplay compared to previous Crytek games. Its sequel, Crysis 3, I would seek to balance a little more the two playing styles of Crysis Y Crysis 2, with a post-apocalyptic New York, more open than Crysis 2 and with nature recovering the ground lost by the asphalt.

“Those who enjoyed the first Crysis they will find some shortcomings in terms of freedom of action, moving from an island with large spaces to a city with smaller action scenarios, but what loses in amplitude gains in spectacularity “, we have in the analysis.” We wish that the ambition and imagination that is palpable when creating striking images had been reflected in the gameplay, which sometimes sins of being too conservative compared to the visual section. But in any case, and leaving aside what was or what could be, whether you played the previous one or if you are approaching the franchise for the first time, As soon as you like the action in the first person, you will enjoy every second of this great game“.

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