Dan Gniady, producer of the PVP multiplayer modes of the first Destiny from Bungie and designer of gameplay from Destiny 2, Ha filed by Creative Assembly to be integrated into the development of the studio’s mysterious project. It was the veteran himself who announced it in their personal accounts on social networks, where he explained that he is moving to UK this week.

We still don’t know what role Dan Gniady will play in Creative Assembly, if doing design work, as in the second game of the Bungie saga, or if on the contrary it will be more related to the production of the new IP from the SEGA study. In either case, everything indicates that with his career he will have an important role in the creation of this Mysterious Sci-Fi First Person Shooter Multiplayer.

An FPS with SEGA characters?

Creative Assembly is working on a curious shooter of which we hardly know anything yet: recently the company, which we mainly associate with strategy games such as Total War: Three Kingdoms, but also with the famous Alien: Isolation, posted a mysterious image in which he subtly anticipated his next project. In the illustration, not indicative of the final aspect of the video game, we can see a lot of references to SEGA sagas and in the text the new game is described as “something radically different in the genre first person shooter.

If you look at the image you can see all these references to SEGA franchises, like the bananas of Super Monkey Ball, cassette tapes sprayed in paint from Jet Set Radio or even a capture of Virtua Racing Stuck to the wall. In the window of the spaceship the character is in, if we look closely, we can see a sprite from Sonic, the blue hedgehog, floating in space. That image was chosen by Creative Assembly to announce the vacancies of this new project; Given the now it seems that the new additions have begun, we should not expect to see news of this title soon, as it seems that is still in an early stage of development.

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