PlayStation 5 arrived in Spain on November 19, offering us a new generation of PlayStation consoles with videogames such as Demon’s Souls Remake and brand new features such as SSD storage or the DualSense controller’s optical feedback.

One of the aspects that most attracted attention during the arrival of the console to all countries was its large size conditioned by a fairly large cooling system with which Sony sought to reduce console noise and temperatures to a minimum.

PS5 with cooling

Now a group of modders has posted on the YouTube channel Modding Cafe his own custom version of PS5 accompanied this time by a liquid cooling block created especially for the new Sony console that also gives it a spectacular look. In fact, at first glance it almost looks like a futuristic computer as you can see in the images or in the video that accompanies this news.

A tremendously laborious process

In order to create this “improved PS5” this group of modders completely disarm the PS5 original to take measurements of the motherboard and then translate them to a drawing to begin design the liquid cooling block completely personalized.

Refrigerated PS5

After this they install the PS5 board in the block, add the liquid, a “radiator”, a pair of fans, RGB LED lighting and a custom chassis that gives the console that futuristic touch that we talked about before. When everything is ready, the first tests begin, thanks to which we know that the board PlayStation 5 with this cooling does not exceed 55.

After building this first model, these handymen assure on their YouTube channel that they are preparing a commercial version of the PS5 with liquid cooling and that they are also going to prepare a PC Modding with fully integrated console in the same. As soon as we have more news of both projects we will leave it here, in Vandal.

PS5 Watercooling

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