The engineer Michael Pick has created a Nintendo Switch gigantic and fully functional which is roughly 650% larger than the standard console model. Not surprisingly, we are talking about a device that weighs almost 30 kilograms.

A gigantic Nintendo Switch

“I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, it’s portable … but it’s easy to lose and that’s a problem for me,” Pick commented on the Reddit forums. “So I decided to fix that by making it a bit bigger to make it harder to lose“.

The creator of the gigantic console has also published a video on YouTube detailing how the whole process of creating this great Switch has been, although probably the most important thing about this story is the fact that donated it to Saint Jude Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee: “The kids loved it! Honestly, that’s been the best part of building this.”

Another interesting detail is that The Joy-Con you have created out of wood work perfectly, so they can be used to play games, although, obviously, the most comfortable option is to connect any official and normal-size controller to the console.

The success of Nintendo Switch

Actually, Nintendo Switch is enjoying great success in the market and the latest sales figures Nintendo gave us indicated that it had already sold nearly 80 million units worldwide as of December 31, 2020.

His most recent big sales success has been Monster Hunter Rise, the new installment of the popular Capcom saga, which arrived on the console as a temporary exclusive on March 26 and has already sold more than five million copies worldwide.

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