The controversy is served! The debate over the difficulty in video games has resurfaced due to recent statements by Tamoor Hussain, the editor-in-chief of GameSpot, who has come out against FromSoftware’s approach to video game criticism What Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Dark Souls O Bloodborne. Cory Barlog, the creative behind the new saga of God of War, has joined the conversation and generated an interesting conversation with other personalities in the industry.

Cory Barlog is in favor of the difficulty selectors

“I hate when FromSoftware games are cited in discussions against making games accessible or even easier. I think using Dark Souls, Bloodborne O Ax for that end is an insult to the games and the people who created them and simply shows a lack of understanding of what makes them special“, explained Tamoor Hussain, a comment that Barlog answered.” It’s as if someone said they like a building because it only has stairs. An elevator and ramps would make it too easy. So, keep going up the stairs and ignore the elevator and the ramps. The enjoyment is still there, only now it is accessible to all instead of a few“commented Cory Barlog positioning himself in favor of the most accessible modes of difficulty in games of the style Souls.

David Scott Jaffe, a legendary developer within the PlayStation scene for participating in sagas such as Twisted Metal O God of War, has replied to Cory Barlog in an attempt to contribute his different point of view. “Doesn’t it depend on the raison d’รชtre of the building? If the stairs were lined with photos of all the damage capitalism causes, so you would have to walk past them every day before you get to your office, but the elevators will help you. let you skip the photos, Wouldn’t the version be easy to damage the creator’s vision?“. Hidetaka Miyazaki himself has spoken before on this issue and explained that from FromSoftware they don’t want to add any difficulty selector, since thatThey want everyone to face the same challenge under the same conditions.

The debate that does not seem to have an end

The issue of accessibility in video games still does not reach a general consensus to this day. While the developers of Psychonauts 2 commented that the video game had multiple accessibility options, other titles such as Returnal they are still a big challenge for most players and they do not have such options. Hidetaka Miyazaki has previously stated that Elden Ring, the next FromSoftware title that develop together with George RR Martin, be more accessible, although it also does not have a difficulty selector as such. What do you think about the difficulty options in video games?

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