Conan Exiles just got to the catalog of Xbox Game Pass, and from Funcom have wanted to celebrate this launch by offering an update that optimizes the game to harness the power of Xbox Series X/S. The survival MMO debuted in 2018, allowing users to immerse themselves in a hostile terrain where they accompany Conan and his Hyboria people. I recently received the update Isle of Siptah, which invites us to face off against Lovecraftian creatures. We leave you with his trailer dedicated to the Xbox Series X / S update:

Conan Exiles: Update on Xbox Series

Conan Exiles get a fresh look on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. In addition to offering improved resolution (up from 900p to native 4K on Xbox Series X), gamers will also find more polished textures. The grass and vegetation will also be denser, while fog and lighting They will be volumetric. We can also expect a greater draw distance, among other features.

In this way, players can wait much more realistic and immersive environments, allowing you to accompany Conan on his adventure in style. Let us remember that in this video game we will have to hunt, farm and survive in an environment that would be as dangerous as ever … but much better looking. Relying on Robert E. Howard’s comics, we will visit regions of this universe and of the film adaptations that the saga has received: deserts, forests, jungles or temples will be some of the scenarios through which we will wander.

Expansion Isle of Siptah

On the other hand, the game recently received the expansion of Siptah Island: add a totally new environment to be inhabited by creatures worthy of the imagination of HP Lovecraft. “Explore the huge map of the new island and discover the ancient vaults of the superior races“We can read in the description.” Survive the storm that hit the center of the island and fight the dark creatures of the outer void that engender within“.

We remind you that Conan Exiles is available by PC, PS4, Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One, as well as in the catalog Xbox Game Pass. “We travel to hostile lands of Conan the Barbarian to try to survive in its huge and dangerous world “, we wrote in our analysis.

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