The mode Zombies of the Call of Duty developed by Treyarch has always been a cooperative mode accessible on its surface, but complex and inextricable under its top layer. The secrets o Easter Egg, as the Anglo-Saxons say, they are not mere curiosities, but needed to get unique weapons and to unravel the plot of each delivery. But if one is not accompanied by friends who are experts in the field or is involved in communities and forums, it is difficult to find those Easter eggs. Therefore, in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War they were made more accessible.

Corky Lehmkuhl, Creative Director, Treyarch, has explained to the Indian division of IGN that the reboot of the Zombies story in this Black Ops Cold War was partly aimed at making the mode more accessible: “A lot [de tiempo] development is dedicated to these things “, he says in reference to the secrets of Zombies, “and if you look at the metrics, less than two percent of players watch those things really unless they were shown on YouTube. ”

CoD Black Ops Cold War secretos modo zombis

For this reason They took it as a “mission” to make these secrets less dark, well Black Ops Cold War clearly communicates to the players the activities to be accomplished to get x weapons or to know such a piece of history. “If you look now on YouTube or Reddit, a lot of people are completing their first secrets for the first time; and they have been [jugando a] the saga for ten or twelve years, “Lehmkuhl added.

Yes, they still exist secrets that require investigation and fiddling with the video game to discover them: “There are some Easter Eggs parallels that are still somehow obscure that you’ll have to discover, but for the main quest we just wanted more players to experience it. “

Zombies received the Outbreak submode at the end of February

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available in Spain and the rest of the world since last November 13 for PC (, PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S. At the end of February the Season 2, which added a Zombies submode, Outbreak, and began to leave clues on the map of Call of Duty: Warzone that the undead will arrive at the battle royale.

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