Naoki Yoshida, productor de la saga Final Fantasy in Square Enix, he has given an interview to the Financial Times in which, among other things, he has spoken about the future of gaming in the cloud, coming to foreshadow that this technology will end the dominance of consoles as the main means of enjoying games. video game. During the interview, the producer relates the rise of this technology with the definitive implementation of 5G, the new mobile connectivity network that is already available in the main Spanish cities.

“Once 5G becomes a global standard, there will definitely come a time when we can transfer images [de alta calidad] to any device, “Yoshida says in the interview after talking about how this technology can be imposed as preferred for playing video games, ahead of PC and consoles.

Consoles vs. cloud game: which is faster?

The producer of Final Fantasy wanted to make clear the advantages of cloud gaming over video consoles: “With home consoles, you must sit in front of the television, turn them on, wait for the hardware start.It is a type of entertainment that is very time consuming“, he assures.

With cloud play all these obstacles are overcome, according to Naoki Yoshida, who value immediacy of devices capable of playing games on streaming: “Players can enjoy a high quality gaming experience on any device by not being tied to a hardwrae video game player or a television monitor. We are definitely going in that direction“.

Yoshida has also linked the rise of cloud gaming to the coronavirus pandemic, during which, he explains, there was more time to devote to this form of entertainment: “I don’t think the coronavirus will slow down this change”, he says in the interview referring to the transfer to the game in the cloud. There is data that corroborates the words of the producer, such as the 775% growth experienced by Microsoft cloud services -not only of gaming– during the first moments of the pandemic. La firma analista NDP Group I also advanced this trend in 2019, although it pointed directly to last year as the moment of explosion of this technology.

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