Nintendo recently stated that it planned to bring more of its video game licenses to the cinema, so after the Mario animated film that Illumination prepares – from which we have not seen material – others such as Pokmon, The Legend of Zelda O Metroid. This strategy is serious and the company announced today, along with last year’s financial results, that has nominated Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri as external director, a position on the board of directors for people who are not part of Nintendo.

Chris Meledandri from the Illumination studio to join

Meledandri oversees the productions of Illumination, known for GRU: My favorite villain, The minions, Sing: Come and Sing!, Pets O El Grinch, in addition to the aforementioned Mario movie scheduled for 2022. “We have not asked Illumination to take care of everything,” Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said last month, assuring that Shigeru Miyamoto was directly involved in the production of these films.

However, with this news, the close collaboration between Nintendo and Meledandri is clear, which will not only remain in the universe Mario. Meledandri for example could advise on how to adapt your games on the big screen, a field in which Nintendo has preferred to stay on the sidelines for years due to the bad experience with Super Mario Bros. 1993. This seems to be changing: it recently emerged that Netflix was in talks to produce a series of The Legend of Zelda. The Hollywood industry is looking for new licenses, video games are a great source of household names for young people, and services in streaming they have only increased this demand by adapting the most famous video games, recalls Venturebeat.

Some films that will not be able to modify the stories or characters too much

In 2020 Nintendo commented that they were studying various visual content projects with their licenses, but with a clear condition: all these products have to have a “deep relationship” with video games, without applying changes to the characters that could “limit future game development” and respect the individuality of each series.

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