Chivalry 2 reach PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC on June 8, but first celebrate a open beta multiplatform that can be accessed completely free of charge. Specifically this trial period will start on Thursday, May 27, although the client to play it can be downloaded on all platforms the day before at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

Users of PlayStation will be able to access the beta without the need for a PS Plus subscription, while those of Xbox s will require an active Xbox Live Gold account in order to play. On PC It is exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Torn Banner Studios Y Tripwire Presents, developer and editor of Chivalry 2 respectively, today published a new open beta trailer of the game reviewing the news available in next Thursday’s test: “New maps, features and updates based on the comments of the closed beta players,” they say in the press release. You can see the trailer below:

What’s New in the Open Beta of Chivalry 2

Among the novelties of the open beta of Chivalry 2 they find each other character cosmetic customization options, one-on-one duel servers (beat and PC), servers for up to 64 playersstrategy-based Team Objective mode for up to 40 players, and a new option that allows players to group together to form teams on a single platform before joining cross-platform games.

Chivalry 2 screenshot.

During the open beta there will also be other features available, such as cross-platform game O Free-for-All, a new game mode in which all players face each other. It will also include the new Team Objective maps, such as The Coxwell Massacre, The Battle of Darkforest, and The Siege of Rudhelm, as well as other maps of deathmatch by teams like The Battle of Wardenglade or Torunament Grounds.

Chivalry 2 It can now be reserved, both in its standard edition (39.99 euros) and in its Special Edition (49.99 euros) that includes, in addition to the base game, the Agatha Jousting Knight armor, a Royal Greatsword, the Mason Jousting Knight armor , the Gold Horseman ax and more digital items.

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