Chernobylite is an ambitious project of The Farm 51 and the editor All In! Games that has been sailing the seas of Steam’s early access platform for some time to polish and improve an adventure, horror and action game that is clearly inspired by titles such as the series Metro O S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

This is the title arrive next July 28 to our computers and for a few minutes we also know the date when it will make its debut on the consoles of the last generation, PlayStation 4 y Xbox One, for which it will go on sale at the beginning of September.

Specifically be September 7 when the players of these veteran Sony and Microsoft consoles will be able to sink their teeth (with radioactive protection) into Chernobylite that after debuting on PC in a few days it will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One while the version for PS5 and XSX / S will have to wait a few more weeks until it is ready for release.

A promising and terrifying adventure set in Chernbil

It’s been over a year and a half since we last tried Chernobylite Early Access, and back then it seemed like a terrifying and very promising adventure with a lot of good ideas but still had things to do that hopefully have improved during all these months.

Certainly from what we tested back then We thought it was a title that survival lovers will love and games in the STALKER or Metro style, with elements of role, management of bases and resources and also a good graphic section to make us enjoy a title with enough personality. Fortunately, in just a few days we will be able to check the fruit of all the months of work in Early Access on PC.

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