Resident Evil 8: Village It is about the recent installment of the survival horror and action saga starring the enigmatic Ethan Winters and veteran Chris Redfield. The Capcom video game received very good reviews and has been liked by most players, although just yesterday Digital Foundry noticed several performance problems on its PC version due to using Denuvo DRM. Capcom has echoed the publication of Digital Foundry and has promised to the Eurogamer medium that are working on a new update patch that will fix the problem.

The update will receive new details soon

“The team is working on a patch to address the PC performance issues, should be available soon; soon we will have more details“, said a spokesman for the Japanese company. The performance problems of Resident Evil Village on PC come essentially from the use of Denuvo, the controversial anti-piracy system what is included in the title along with a DRM from Capcom itself. Digital Foundry’s technical analysis clearly shows that performance issues, which often appear at the same time defeating certain enemies or facing the daughters of Lady Dimitrescu, are due to the use of anti-piracy technology.

At the moment we do not know more details about when the new PC patch will be released beyond what was mentioned by Capcom. Devil May Cry 5, the title hack and slash Developed by the same company, it also suffered from performance problems due to the use of Denuvo, a tool that has long been widely criticized for the notorious impact on PC titles. Despite the bugs that we can find in the version for computers, Resident Evil Village It has been a great sales success for Capcom, having already reached 4.5 million copies.

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