Call of Duty It is one of the most popular and most profitable sagas in the video game industry. However, Call of Duty Online, the game free to play of the war saga that was released for PC, cease its servers at the end of August this year in China. The main reason is, according to reports Daniel Ahmad |, the declining revenue and lack of support by Activision, something understandable since the company is focused on offering news for Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Online players will be moved to Call of Duty Mobile through rewards

Call of Duty Online was originally released in China in the year 2015 for PC and had a good reception. The game was successful, although its popularity seems to have waned over the years. As a reward for having enjoyed the experience during this time, users who are still active on Call of Duty Online will be transferred to Call of Duty Mobile. In order to encourage and motivate the players, the transfer of Call of Duty Online a Call of Duty Mobile It will be performed accompanied by a large number of articles in order to COD Mobile.

From the official portal of Call of Duty Online have announced the suspension of the video game with the following message: “Thanks to the soldiers for their love and support towards Call of Duty Online for the past 6 years. We are honored to have created and shared an unforgettable gaming experience with you. A sincere thanks to all the players of Call of Duty Online! “. In addition to the words dedicated to the players, they wanted to add that before the game servers are closed, players will be able to continue playing and participating in activities that are still in progress. Once the servers cease, all data associated with the account and character information will be deleted from the game.

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