The Call of Duty of this fall, supposedly called Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard, will go on sale on Xbox One and PS4 in addition to the new PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. This would be somewhat limiting the ambition of the game, weighed down by the previous generation, but Activision does not want to leave behind such a large market and neither will it with the next Call of Duty, the one that arrives at the end of 2022.

The rumor, as no details of the next title have yet been made official, is that Sledgehammer Games will bring the action back to World War II. The insider Tom Henderson ensures that Vanguard is designed for both generations, something that could be taken for granted, but also the one that is in development in Infinity Ward for next year. “Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard be limited -in technical aspects- by the previous generation, “he says on Twitter, where he also mentions the project of the creators of Modern Warfare.

In another of his messages he talks about how this could benefit Battlefield 6 being exclusive to the current generation -PS5 and Xbox Series, in addition to PC-. Although he is aware that not everyone has the consoles, but a launch with problems like Cyberpunk 2077 “is not what Battlefield need after Battlefield V. Henderson refers to the complexity of optimizing an ambitious game for two generations, which in the case of CD Projekt RED, led to versions with significant performance problems and numerous bugs that they hope to fix in the coming months.

Call of Duty: Warzone should give the first clues of the game

Call of Duty: Warzone, the battle royale free, you should start adding content and clues to your world this summer in advance of the announcement of WWII: Vanguard, similarly to what happened with Black Ops Cold War. Despite initial rumors about an alternate history set in the 1950s, the most reliable sources claim that be a more traditional World War II, with no new timeline.

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