The Nintendo Switch eShop is updated daily with games of all types, genres, and quality, but an application has recently attracted attention for straying a bit from the usual, in fact it would not even fall into the video game category: a calculator app. Calculator launches tomorrow, May 12, and does exactly what you would expect of it, no more, no less. There is another aspect that has extracted the users of the console, its price of 8.99 euros, obviously crazy for a function that we can find for free on any mobile phone; in fact, there are also cheaper scientific calculators than this 53MB download.

What cannot be denied is that Calculator has managed to get people to talk about the application and there are not a few memes or jokes that appear on social networks during the last hours. “This is the game that just came out for Switch, Calculator? With amazing features like division, addition, subtraction and multiplication (new functions in upcoming DLC)? For the really low price of about $ 10? “Jokes a message on Twitter.” I can’t wait to be the first person to have 2000 hours on. Calculator on Nintendo Switch, “says another.

“I can’t have Netflix [la aplicacin], but now we have a $ 10 calculator app on Nintendo Switch. “says another message on Twitter, while some users already want to qualify it as GOTY (Game of the year). Others, however, point out that the Nintendo console has received a calculator before the iPad.

A calculator to solve your math problems

“A clear multi-line display scientific calculator that should help you with those difficult math problems,” says its official description. “Calculator has a practical, modern and attractive design that sure to be popular with all students and engineers“As long as a Nintendo Switch is allowed to be used during the exams, naturally.

Calculator: Now available a calculator for Nintendo Switch for 9 euros

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