Burnout is a video game saga created by Criterion Games that any lover of arcade speed remembers fondly for titles like its acclaimed third installment, although beyond the recent remastering of Burnout Paradise, the series has been since 2008 without giving signs of life with a really new game.

The return of Burnout?

While his future is uncertain, recently Sony has surprised gamers with a new questionnaire that it has sent to several players in which several mentions are made of Burnout. Being more specific, in one of them they ask us directly if we have ever heard of Burnout, while in another the saga is named along with more modern games.

How could it be otherwise, This has aroused the curiosity of many users who have been yearning for his return for years, since it could mean that Sony is assessing the interest that is currently in the series. To what end? Unfortunately, that remains to be seen, so we have to continue waiting to find out if Burnout will be reborn from its ashes or not.

The remastering of Burnout Paradise

As we said before, Burnout Paradise it is the last installment in the series to date and recently received a remastering for current platforms, allowing us to enjoy its dizzying action in an open world. If you want to know how this version of the game turned out, we encourage you to read the analysis that we dedicate to it in Vandal, where we tell you that “is a game that leaves us with conflicting feelings. The base is sensational, and it is still a hilarious game, loaded with nostalgia for those of us who played it at the time. On the other hand, as a remastering it is quite fair, and more taking into account how the market is. For the 39.99 euros it costs Burnout Paradise: Remastered or even for less other companies offer totally redone classic titles with 2018 graphics and new content, although, let’s not forget, there are also those who release more expensive re-releases than the originals. “

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