Bungie has posted a new job posting suggesting that your non-related project Destiny to be a multiplayer action game with characters, a hero shooter, which is currently in incubation. The position calls for a sandbox designer for this game still in its early stages, with experience in character-centric action games, familiar with the competitive sector and esports. The developer also talks about the functioning of the teams in competitive games.

“Do you spend time thinking about how different mechanics can make for amazing team moments?”asks Bungie. “Are you excited about learning how to make gameplay that cares about the player’s intent, the feel of action, and readability?”, Something that suggests a game more similar to Overwatch O Valuing than adventures with narrative and exploration of Destiny O Halo. Perhaps it is related to Matter, the license registered by Bungie in 2018, which we still do not know what it is.

Life beyond the Destiny Universe

Bungie plans to open new offices in Amsterdam in 2022 to serve editorial and marketing work, and to grow at the Bellevue headquarters to support multiple teams with different projects, including new ones that are not related to Destiny. “One of the main reasons for the expansion of Bungie is to increase the commitment to the long-term development of Destiny 2, tell new stories in the Destiny Universe and create entirely new worlds in intellectual properties yet to be announced“.

The intention is to launch a new license before 2025, one of the projects he has been working on for years. After a period of tests in which they expected many discards, “what has happened is that we are very excited about the work that has been done, not only continuing with the Destiny universe but because we have created a very deep talent, these ideas are really amazing. “

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