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PS4 has been with us for many years, giving us very good moments of fun, tension and excitement, so with the arrival of PS5 the last thing we should do is relegate it to a drawer. That is why in GAME They wanted to make sure that his farewell brings us as much joy as he has given us during this time and they have renewed his promotion thanks to which our next-gen consoles become PS5 games, controllers, subscriptions and accessories.

  • Your PS4 still has a lot to give you in GAME
  • We have already told you before about this promotion and how easy it is to get one of the packs at zero euros for the delivery of PS4 in your stores with the certainty that are worth more than what GAME normally pays for consoles, but is that also now those packs have expanded including novelties as juicy as Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte, available in all packs with one or two games to choose from, or the new DualSense Midnight Black remote control in black.

    New PS5 Packs upon delivery of PS4 in GAME.

    New PS5 packs when bringing your PS4 to GAME

    Below you can see some of the packs available at zero euros when you deliver your PS4 and GAME:

    • A pack that includes a 12-month subscription to PS Plus + Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales + Wireless Controller DualSense Blanco o DualSense Midnight Black + PS5 Remote Control (delivering your PS4 PRO + Dualshock 4)
    • A pack with DualSense Charging Station + PS5 Remote Control + Wireless Controller DualSense Blanco o DualSense Midnight Black + game to choose (Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte, Returnal, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, Demon’s Souls O Nioh Collection) (delivering your PS4 1TB + Dualshock 4)
    • A pack that includes a Wireless Controller DualSense Blanco + Auriculares Pulse 3D + 10 PSN prepaid card (delivering your PS4 500Gb + Dualshock 4)
    New Welcome Pack to PS5 when delivering PS4 in GAME.

    Your PS4 still has a lot to give you in GAME

    We remind you that It doesn’t matter which PS4 model you take to GAME, since with any of them you can choose any of these packs. That is, regardless of whether you carry a 500GB PS4 console, a 1TB one or a PS4 Pro, all together with its corresponding DualShock 4, you can get any pack you choose and you can even opt for more expensive packs simply by paying the difference.

    If you already have PS5 at home and you want fire PS4 like it deserves, these packs with video games, accessories and subscriptions are all you need. And remember, it’s a GAME exclusive promotion that you can see in detail here.

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