Bright Memory: Infinite, the first-person action title in which jumps, machine guns and katanas converge in the same gameplay, has been shown again in a new and fast-paced trailer gameplay. The game is being developed by FYQD-Studio, it has the publisher Playism as support and to be released for Xbox Series X / S and PC next year; It should be noted that a PS5 version is planned in the future. The new look at its gameplay has been part of the Game Charging Night 2021 event and can be seen through the Playism Youtube channel.

Bright Memory bets on the mix of mechanics

The new action title is about a refreshing mix of genres and that turns out to be very satisfying. As we have detailed previously, Bright Memory: Infinite bet on different styles to face the enemies of the adventure. In fact, the trailer itself has an impact on the idea of strategically combine la katana, oriented to the melee, and ranged weapons arsenal such as the machine gun and a pistol as a secondary weapon. In addition, the video game will include some other mechanics to speed up our movements, as is the case of the hook with which the protagonist clings to the wing of an airplane.

Speaking of our main protagonist, this is called Sheila and is part of the Supernatural Sciences Research Organization. The history of the video game is set in a futuristic metropolis from 2036, time in which an inexplicable phenomenon occurs that the aforementioned organization must investigate. As we have been able to read in their official description, it did not take long for researchers to discover that These a priori inexplicable phenomena are connected to an archaic mystery, a still unknown story of two worlds, about to come to light. What do you think of the new advance?

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