FYQD Studio has confirmed that on June 10 they will present a new trailer of Bright Memory: Infinite durante el evento Play For All. The game is very advanced and in fact the gameplay part will already be finished, but it is mentioned that he now enters the phase of voices and music. The title is confirmed for PC and Xbox Series X | S, although the team mentioned that later it will come to PS5. As a preview, some new screenshots of its gameplay have been shown.

Bright Memory: Infinite was announced after the launch of Bright Memory: Episode 1 and be something like a remake of his story; Buyers of the original on PC will receive a 100% discount on Bright Memory: Infinite before its launch. The protagonist will remain, Sheila, who will explore a sprawling futuristic metropolis of the year 2036. “In the skies around the world a strange phenomenon has arisen for which scientists find no explanation. It is soon discovered that these strange occurrences are connected with an archaic mystery: a story of two worlds still unknown and about to come to light … “, says his description.

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The gameplay videos present scenarios halfway between futuristic and medieval Japanese aesthetics. The protagonist can move with ease, doing races, parkour and other maneuvers. Their fast firefights include skills and attacks to make the best possible combos, and our enemies will sometimes carry swords and shields. Combine shooting action with physical attacks thanks to a sword. It is expected that its more specific launch date will be known in the next few days, which currently it has only been confirmed as 2021.

Bright Memory: Infinite shows up in new images

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