Borderlands 3 is preparing to receive cross-play between all platforms in which it is available, but apparently that functionality not be available on PS5 and PS4. At least for the moment, because, as he explained Randy Pitchford, CEO de Gearbox Software, the publisher would have asked the studio to remove the crossplay of their platforms. For now, the motive behind this decision is unknown.

“Good news: we have prepared an update for Borderlands 3 that includes full cross-play between all platforms. Bad news: for certification reasons, the publisher has asked us to remove the crossplay of PlayStation consoles“type Pitchford on your personal Twitter account in a message that you can see inserted under these lines.

Who has blocked the arrival of cross-play to Borderlands 3?

According to the CEO, who has made the decision to block the advent of the cross-game of Borderlands 3 to PS5 and PS4 will be “the publisher”, which strictly, in the case of this game, is 2K Games. Some people have ventured to think that this decision has something to do with the recently leaked document in which it was revealed that companies have to pay Sony to activate the crossplay in their titles when purchases on other platforms exceed the percentage of active users on PlayStation consoles.

The compa

At the moment, neither Gearbox Software, nor 2K Games, nor Sony, nor Randy Pitchford himself have wanted to clarify in what state this situation is currently or if the cross game of Borderlands 3 arrive sometime on PlayStation consoles or not . Obviously the reasons behind this decision have not been detailed either.

Borderlands 3 est disponible en PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC y Stadia. It was launched in September 2019 (six months before in the Epic Games Store thanks to an exclusive that cost 146 million dollars to the digital store), and at the time we said about it in our analysis that “one more and better manual that polishes and elevates the saga to a new level, enhancing the virtues of its first two installments and solving the few shortcomings they had. “

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