It seems that Sony is still interested in adapting its main franchises to both the small and the big screen: after the movies of Ghost of Tsushima, directed by the director of John Wick, Y Uncharted, shot partially in Spain, and from the television series of The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the role of Joel and Ellie respectively, today we have learned that Bloodborne He is also preparing to have his own television series.

Precisely be HBO, the same chain that produces the adaptation of The Last of Us, the person in charge of carrying out the project. It has been the portal The Hashtag Show that has leaked this information as exclusive: in this medium ensure that there is already a first draft of the script, as well as conceptual artistic tests, and that production is at an early point.

An eight-episode season in style gore from the original game

According to this information, the series of Bloodborne It will consist of a eight-part self-closing season in which the protagonist will face a series of enemies in visually spectacular battles that will try to keep intact the violent and bloody style of the video game, looking for a structure similar to that of the film Dread. Nick Santos, the person who signs this exclusive, claims to have seen both the script and the concept illustrations with which those responsible are fine-tuning the tone of the adaptation.

Captura de Bloodborne.

From how they narrate it in the article, it seems that there is still time for us to see the series of Bloodborne on television: Sony would be dissatisfied with some points of that first version of the script, so it will be working on rewriting it. There are still some elements in the air, like the final boss that will serve as the climactic scene for each chapter. At the moment there is also no mention of actors who could play the characters, but it is they will look for a protagonist with experience in acrobatic performances because a style of action similar to that of The Raid.

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