Tremble at the wrath of Father Gascoigne! The demake from Bloodborne, baptized as Bloodborne PSX, is one of the most impressive projects around the title of From Software y Japan Studio. The fangame The exclusive PS4 video game, which may soon debut on PS5, began development at the beginning of the year and during the month of March we got our first look at the impressive re-enactment of the battle against the Cleric Beast. We are excited to announce that yesterday, from Lilith Walther’s channel, the fight Father Gascoigne, considered one of the most challenging bosses in the game due to its high difficulty peak.

Bloodborne PSX bosses will be playable

As you can see in the video attached above, Father Gascoigne has lost a certain number of polygons, although still an intimidating enemy and his combat has not lost an iota of difficulty. In fact, the video itself ends with the player’s death during the boss’s second phase, in which the Father transforms into an indomitable and even more terrifying beast. Lilith Walther has attached a full description for the video in which she elaborates on the soundtrack creation, which is provided by TheNobleDemon, and the additions of this boss to give it a very convincing and neat retro look.

Bloodborne PSX recreate the first bosses of the original game and be playable

Lilith Walther has also taken the opportunity to clarify that she does not intend to recreate the entire video game, but only the first heads of the same. Even though others demakes Similar ones like Halo Infinite, Death Stranding or Resident Evil 8: Village have also been recreated with great work, Bloodborne PSX to be fully playable Unlike these as confirmed by the developer. Finally, it should be noted that the title is still in a development stage, so Some errors and details still need to be polished, although from the channel they affirm that they do not have much left to finish it.

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