Bloober Team is, at the moment, one of the most closely scrutinized studies. After the studio confirmed its alliance with Konami, which fueled expectations of receiving a possible new Silent Hill, there are other projects going on in their offices: specifically, the leakers have listed three new games in total. Their names (which could be provisional) are H2O, Black y Dum Spiro, and we already know a whole string of information about each one of them.

The new projects of Bloober Team

It should be noted that the Polish studio has not announced the titles in a strict sense. However, since has the support of the European Union (which has provided the studio with a grant of 150,000 euros for each game), the development team has had to provide detailed descriptions of each project on its website under the Creative Europe framework. Here are all the details.


It is the code name for a new installment of the saga Layers of Fear and its description page you can find it here. Thanks to the success of the original game, along with the interest that players showed in a sequel, Bloober Team has begun work on a new installment. H20 (provisional title) be a “hidden horror” game offering “high quality and refined gameplay”. Hidden terror, they point out, combines two important characteristics in its pillars: “a high level of emotions during the game and a fascinating narrative.”

The main goal of the design team is to create a game world that be based on selected aspects and ideas of the game Layers of Fear. In this way, we can find the following aspects that will define this new sequel:

  • An intimate story that revolves around a specific and specific character with whom the player can identify
  • artistic theme
  • We will discover the layers of history through the revelations of the masterpiece.
  • The theme of insanity
  • Air of mystery
  • A closed space: the player must survive and discover the story of the main character. Depending on the details that the player has been able to glimpse during their game, they will decide the outcome of the story.

In turn, Bloober Team has also detailed what needs of the players will be covered in the H2O project, also listing the following characteristics:

  • Deep and enriching stories for horror games
  • Increase the immersive effect in horror games thanks to innovative technology
  • Offer an appropriate level of replay value in horror games thanks to innovative technology.

On the other hand, they also note what elements will make H2O stand out in the market:

  • A high level of immersion
  • Ambitious gameplay
  • Use of resources from Layers of Fear
  • Exceptional sound design
  • The end of the game reflects the player’s journey.


The second project, Black, notes on his page a description that makes him stand out from the trend of the study. With a first-person perspective, count on hand-to-hand combat and a scenario that combines medieval with aliens. This project was released in February 2019 and its completion date is February 2022. “The gameplay is a mix of exploration, survival and combat“, they point from Bloober Team.” The players enter the world exploring the environment, interacting with the characters and participating in scenarios guided by the story. “

As the story progresses, the narrative of the game will be shaped by carrying out a series of moral choices which will lead to one of at least two finals. “Sometimes the player will be involved in visceral melee combat. Although rare and sometimes optional, combat is always challenging and tense, suitable for a survival horror game“They note. They also argue that users will be outnumbered, and that they could die if they are not careful.” When combat is not an option, players will be tasked with simply staying alive in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. . They can achieve this by avoiding combat stealthily, improvising or beating the opposition“.

A game that combines the Middle Ages with aliens

“These segments, including encounters with alien enemies, will actually increase the tension and give the game a much-needed feel of terror. Will you avoid your enemies, distract them, or face them head-on? “Reads the game’s description.

Key features:

  • Unique environment, the unconventional mix of the Middle Ages and alien species
  • Mature story of the dark aspects of faith and humanity with the alien life form as the catalyst for character development.
  • Ambiguous moral choices (should we punish those who have wronged us or support them against a greater evil? Should we save a child at the cost of our own life?)
  • Blend of stealth and intense, visceral combat
  • The historical setting makes the story more realistic and easy to identify, allows possible derivations set in other historical periods (in the style of Assassin’s Creed).

Dum Spiro

The third Bloober Team project was also the one that was presented first, which dates back to March 2015. It seems that the Polish studio has put its development aside to focus on other projects, such as The Medium, but now he will be resuming his creative process. This title will lead players, according to its description, to immerse themselves in a ghetto during WWII. “Dum Spiro is a horror game, whose title comes from a Latin sentence “dum spiro, spero” – it means ‘while I breathe, I wait’ “, the developers point out.” And it expresses the main theme of the game: that even in the face of certain death, people are still able to decide on their lives, define their meaning through their actions towards the end, and even triumph over evil in a symbolic way. “

The history of this title immerses us in the years 1941-44 in the Litzmannstadt ghetto, established for the Polish Jews in the Second World War; it is, in fact, the second largest ghetto in all of German-occupied Europe. “The player takes the role of the imprisoned boy who fights through thick and thin to hide and save his little sister. Although at first glance the game seems presented from a first person perspective (the view from the main character’s eyes), the goal and the main distinguishing feature of the game is the destruction of the so-called “fifth wall” that separates the player from the submitted history (to make him the recipient rather than a full participant). “

We’ll be a child in the Litzmannstadt ghetto

The game seeks increase immersion through creating a sense of player responsibility, which is built by the activities of the characters, giving you the freedom to make all the decisions in the game and evaluate their impact at the same time. Among its characteristics we find:

  • Branched plot of the game: The game is divided into 3 acts, at the end of which the player makes a decision to determine which of the episodes to play next. The main advantage of this is to call in the real sense of the player to decide on the shape of the plot and therefore the responsibility for their decisions.
  • Dilemmas in later acts chosen based on previous choices, thanks to the fact that the tension created by the dilemmas in later acts is intensified according to the best principles of the history of the drama.
  • An extensive system of interpersonal relationships, based on smaller and more frequent decisions that do not alter the main events, but that affect the state (emotional, mental, physical) of the people close to the hero.

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