Blaster Master Zero 3 prepares to debut in Spain and around the world next July 29, both in PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) como en PS4, Switch, Xbox Series y Xbox One. Developed by Inti Creates, this metroidvania is preparing to put the final touch on the saga starring Jason. It is a sequel to Part Two, and will only be available digitally for $ 14.99. On the occasion of its imminent debut, the developers wanted to share a new trailer with its gameplay:

Blaster Master Zero 3 unfolds its action

In this installment, Players will accompany Jason to planet Sophia, the place where it all started. The goal is to save the heroine Eve, thus marking the end of the story. To fight our way through the dangers and obstacles, we will have the G-SOPHIA SV combat tank, as well as the system Vision Reversal Visor (VRV), which allows Jason to move through alternate dimensions. “We hope you enjoy the climax of this intergalactic story”, they maintain from Inti Creates.

“Make your way through legions of mutants while traveling to unexplored territory full of new experiences”, we can read in the description of the game. “You’ll have a plethora of new weapons and abilities in your arsenal, making the hybrid action from top and side perspective more intense than ever!” In this way, we will travel from the depths of planet Earth to outer space.

With the Vision Reversal Visor we can jump between dimensions

To say goodbye to Jason in style, our hero will now have the power to move between dimensions thanks to the VRV: “You can venture into superdimensional space and conquer tricky levels using the power of ‘investment’, which will guide you, “say the developers. Once again, they have opted for the pixelated style to bring the title’s action-packed bosses, scenarios and levels to life.

Blaster Master Zero It debuted on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch in 2017, serving as a reboot for Sunsoft’s Blaster Master, which was released for the NES at the time. Later, the Inti Creates project made the leap to PC and PS4. We remind you that this third installment is preparing to debut next July 29 on Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

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