Mass Effect was one of Electronic Arts’ most important sagas a decade ago, and still is: an enhanced collection of the trilogy was recently released –Mass Effect: Legendary Edition– and there is already a new delivery in preparation. It is logical that BioWare studied more games and spin-offs related to the saga, and one of them was quite curious: a title for Nintendo DS. Although the role-playing series has had no more presence on Nintendo consoles than
Mass Effect 3 Edicin Especial For Wii U, former BioWare producer Mark Darrah has revealed that the studio started working on Mass Effect: Corsair in charge of the team responsible for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood -and therefore had experience with the laptop-.

“It will be a game for Nintendo DS, in the first person, you were piloting a ship”, says Darrah, who talks about investigating an area of ​​the galaxy little explored, with pirates. “It will be a kind of Privateer Y Star Control… You will be independent, a bit like the Han Solo character, not a Specter. And you will fly around, collect cargo, explore and sell information to the Human Alliance. ” Mass Effect: Corsair progressed to the point of entering the early stages of the ship’s control system, although “we didn’t have the rest of the game yet … We were planning how it would work from a licensing point of view.”

The expense in cartridges, one of the main responsible for their cancellation

The idea was interesting but apparently one of the obstacles to carry it out was the high price of the Nintendo DS cartridges. For this game you would have had to pay $ 10.5 per cartridge, when the laptop games at that time had a sale price of $ 30. To this would have to be added the translation costs, and with the sales forecast – some 50,000 copies – it seemed difficult to make any profit with the development. In the end the game did not see the light and part of the team moved to the mobile department to launch Mass Effect Infiltrator.

Years later BioWare would continue the saga with Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the poor reception cut the future to this new story. Now a new episode is being worked on, although it is in the early stages of development and before the new episode arrives. Dragon Age.

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