Maybe Biomutant has received “mixed” criticism from the press and players -as indicated by Steam with more than 2000 user ratings-, but that has not prevented the title of THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 from being released with a good number of users in its debut, 55,048 simultaneous users on the Valve platform according to SteamDB. It remains to be seen if the commercial performance on consoles is similar, but in the next few days we will be able to know how it works at least in physical format and in certain markets, such as Spanish or British. A few days ago, the Embracer Group assured that the reserves were higher than expected.

It is open world, post-apocalyptic and role-playing elements went on sale yesterday. It tells us of a plague that ravages the world and the Tree of Life radiates death from its roots. Our character can take advantage of various modifications and mutations to gain new abilities, in addition to practicing martial arts with melee attacks and shooting, which will allow us to become the savior of the world … or plunge it into darkness.

At the moment it is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, and although it is playable in the new generation, The team hopes to release a native version for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in the future. make better use of new platforms. Nor do they rule out that it can be adapted to other systems now that it is on sale.

A game that wants to cover too much

In our analysis we comment that Biomutant have good ideas and is inspired by mechanics of many other successful games, but fails to capture the quality of its references. “In the end, the feeling it conveys is that of having suffered several lurching and course changes throughout its development to include new elements without anyone stopping to even think about how they could affect the rest of the title, leaving us as a result a authentic pastiche that fails miserably in everything it sets out to do “.

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