Biomutant prepares to debut in Spain and around the world next 25 of May, at which time it will be launched both in PC as on PS4 and Xbox One. Developed by Experiment 101 Y THQ Nordic, the title plunges us into a prophylaxis where we will have to incarnate anthropomorphic animals, that we can genetically mutate. Your stages will be open, and today we learned a little more about its duration: If your intention is to complete the game quickly, that will take 12-15 hours.. On the contrary, those who want to take it easy, they will need about 65 hours to get it all.

Biomutant launches May 25

Gamingbolt recently conducted an interview with the director of Biomutant and the head of the Experiment 101 studio, Stefan Ljungqvist. After we learned more about the game’s combat system or its exploration over the course of these weeks, it was in this conversation that the question about the duration of the game, and this was Ljungqvist’s full answer on the matter: depend on how you play.

If you are in a hurry, which means skipping the side quests and just doing the main story by skipping the dialogues, you’ll get to the end screen between 12-15 hours. However, if your intention is enjoy the game at its best, it could last up to 65 hours total. “Our estimate of a quick game of Biomutant it is about 12-15 hours“, Explain.

“It depends on the type of player you are”

“This means: focus on the main story, skip most of the dialogues, don’t go astray exploring, and ignore the side quests“In this sense, he added: On the other hand, one of our team members is giving Biomutant a chance as he usually plays. He’s not finished yet and he’s got about 65 hours of playtime. So it really depends on what kind of player you are. “

An awaited release

The game prepares to debut May 25 on PC – You can check their requirements here -, PS4 y Xbox One with two special editions. Experiment 101 has been working on fixing bugs and extending the game script, which caused the consequent delays in its launch. On our advance you can find everything we know about Biomutant.

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