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There is little left for Biomutant I arrived at PS4, Xbox One y PC, specifically it will be launched next Tuesday 25 of May, and that’s why since TTDV They wanted to remind us that it is available for reservation on the last weekend before the premiere.

Who is it they want to get hold of Biomutant in TTDV they can do it by 53,99 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, including totally free shipping costs.

Biomutant, an expected title that is just around the corner

Biomutant it’s a long-awaited open-world action RPG in which we will put ourselves in the skin of a completely personalized animal. We will be able to master various combat techniques to adapt the gameplay to our style, and we can even use a varied mount system to move through the beautiful landscapes of the game.

Our mission will be to save the tree of life, who has become ill, and for this we will have to act and fight as we please, following the designs of our tribe to destroy or unify the rest of the six factions. The decisions we make will not only modify the plot of Biomutant, but will also alter our own character. Definitely, an ambitious project that promises to be a breath of fresh air for the genre.

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