We have not told you about Beware. Specifically, since 2018. However, last Wednesday, July 7, its creator, Ondrej Svadlena, offered a new preview in format gameplay of his particular proposal: a game of horror and open world driving that takes players to foggy locations where the headlights reflected in the rear view mirror may be the last thing we see.

The video is a montage with some of the regions through which we will drive through its 144 square kilometer map. The gameplay presents winding roads through the Forest, unpaved roads on which the utility vehicle we drive makes more jumps than a buggy, dark highways surrounded by office buildings and industrial estates very disturbing.

The photorealism This independent game is betting on is discreet and effective: due to the fog, the humidity, the raindrops fogging up the windshield and the blinding lights in the dark, the scenery around us does not need to have a high level of detail. But realistic car movement and the use of different effects and filters achieves a timely immersive feel for such a game.

Therefore, when passing by strangers and huge vehicles are activated and are suddenly chasing us, it is easy to be alarmed. For this reason, when you come to a gate guarded by two cars that seem from a future that the utility vehicle that we drive has not yet reached, proceed with caution because of what may happen. The persecutions have a spirit similar to that of The devil on wheels. If the other vehicle hits us, the “Death” screen appears.

Its creator has been working on the game since 2016

In development since 2016, Svadlena an hasn’t shared a release date for his project, which he is developing in his spare time: to be able to dedicate himself to the game full time he needs to reach 2000 dollars a month in his Patreon, but right now he has $ 1,658.77. You can download one free demo of 2018 (so not representative of the current state of the game) through IndieDB.

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