This year Microsoft acquired Zenimax and therefore all Bethesda studios, a company that has long dubbed its games into Spanish from Spain. On the other hand, many Microsoft productions – except for the most important ones, Halo Y Gears– We have received Spanish from Hispano-America, as is the case of Forza Horizon 5, which had raised some doubts about possible changes in this policy. As revealed the official Bethesda account in Spain “nothing change regarding dubbing. For more information on each title and its peculiarities, please stay tuned to our social networks in the future. “

Therefore, games like Starfield of Bethesda o Redfall Arkane Austin’s will arrive doubled; in fact, the trailer of Redfall shown during E3 2021 can already be heard in Spanish from Spain, as you can see below.

Redfall be a game about vampires that, from its first video, apparently have cooperative play for four players where each of the characters to choose from will have different powers, such as placing teleportation portals or becoming invisible. From Arkane they promise a detailed world and the “use of creative mechanics” and that can be played alone or with three friends: “The companions can try with the equipment of different heroes and combine their strengths to defeat the legion of vampires and his hordes of maddened followers. “

Starfield launches in late 2022

The other Bethesda game featured at E3 2021 was logically Starfield, which will be available on Xbox Series X / S and PC on November 11, 2022. It is a space exploration role-playing game set hundreds of years in the future where there are mechs exploring the surface of planets and where, for some reason, humanity embarks on its last journey.

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