Today, like every May 4, the Da the Star Wars, a date that in Spanish does not seem to have a double meaning but in English is an ingenious play on words: the famous phrase ‘may the force be with you’ (‘may the force be with you’, in our language) is changed today by ‘may the fourth be with you’, using the Saxon way of reading the calendar. Taking advantage of that resemblance, everyone joins to give it a tribute to one of the most beloved science fiction sagas in pop culture and it has even been rumored that there will be possible announcements of new Star Wars games.

And not only those responsible for the franchise have wanted to celebrate Star Wars Day in 2021, but other companies have also jumped on the bandwagon. At least it is the case of Bethesda, who has taken advantage of this event to congratulate the George Lucas saga by publishing in his official Twitter account a very special illustration in which you can see the protagonist of DOOM Eternal style of Darth Vader– Clad in a cape, wielding the Crucible Sword like a lightsaber and about to face two enemies inside a space station.

Bethesda is working on a game of Star Wars?

How could it be otherwise, fans of the series have wanted to understand this illustration as a possible clue that Bethesda is working on a video game of Star Wars: Could this be an indication that the company will have one of its more than ten studios developing a new installment set in this franchise? This may be a mere celebration of a series as popular as Star Wars, but you never know.

The truth is Bethesda has already forged ties with Lucasfilm Games, the seal to which the games of Star Wars, though not for a science fiction franchise title but for one of Indiana Jones: in January of this year it was announced that MachineGames creators of Wolfenstein: The New Order Y Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, are working on a new title from the best-known archaeologist in cinema, a video game that tells a completely new story and is also produced by Todd Howard, one of the most important figures within Bethesda.

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