Berserk Boy, the new classic-style adventure for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch y PC, has been announced together with a first look in which we can appreciate its artistic and mechanical section. Developed by the debut studio BarserkBoy Games, Berserk Boy It is a fast-paced, two-dimensional platform video game in which, as mentioned on its Steam page, you can GO BREATHTAKING!

Berserk Boy is inspired by the mechanics of Mega Man and the aesthetics of the classic Sega Mega Drive

In the video game we can adopt various forms and use the power of lightning, fire, earth, air and ice, very much in the style of Mega Man, as the player travels through colorful and attractive settings in his heroic fight to save the planet from the evil one Dr. Genos. The story of Berserk Boy takes place during a distant future in which the diabolical Dr. Genos launches his army of minions from Dark Energy against the inhabitants of Earth for their obsession to get the Berserk Force Orbs. In the game we will manage Kei, a young inexperienced cadet who is transformed by the mysterious energy of the Orbs. Kei will have to use his new powers to defeat the Dr. Genos and save the planet from destruction.

Regarding the gameplay, some details have been advanced. In addition to being able to adopt the cinco formas Berserk Forces Orbs, the player can chain combos to fill the Berserk Meter and activate the special attack of each form. The main stage will be New Hope City and, to explore it, we can perform movements such as jumps, lash out at enemies, slam into them and slide through the phases. The design of the levels will be complex and hide all kinds of alternate routes and hidden collectibles. Being inspired by the classics of the genre, there will be a scoring system and beating our times faster and faster will be encouraged.

Berserk Boy

The visuals are inspired by the look of the classics of Sega Mega Drive with a modern twist. The soundtrack run by Tee Lopes, the same composer of Sonic Mania, and from the study they affirm that the soundtrack original evoke a lot of nostalgia for the time of the 16 bits. The studio’s founder, animator and artist, To Ehtisham, has explained the following: “Getting the correct aesthetic is absolutely paramount. As a team, and from the player feedback we’ve had so far, we think we’re on our way to capturing that old man. “Sega’s school environment“.” We want to nail the “feeling” so that it is satisfying to play and achieve the proper balance between fun and challenge. It is important that the players are able to complete the game and feel like a superhero while they do it. “

At the moment no details are known about the release date of the action title of 2D retro style, although they have advanced to get along 2022. The video game is being developed by a team of six people spread over Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Indonesia and they have been working on it since 2019.

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